• Dr. Md Siddique Hossain Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Pandaveswar College, Pandaveswar, Paschim Bardhaman


Higher Education, Emerging Issues And Challenges


Becoming a developed society is the new task facing the nation at the start of the twenty-first century. This will need the swift introduction of a knowledge-based economy and a new social order based on fairness and human values. The rapid development of expertise over the previous few decades, the advent of usable tools of technology for communication and information, and other scientific advancements have all contributed to the rise of competence as a defining attribute of global development. It has a positive impact on Indian culture and improves people's standard of living. Therefore, India has to quickly improve and refocus its higher education system so that it can exert more influence and compete more effectively. This study is an attempt by the researcher to describe the current state of Indian higher education, the new problems that have arisen, the causes of these problems, and some potential solutions.


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