• Bherlyn Joy M. Leccio, RN, MAN St. Paul University Manila


Self-directed Learning, Methodology, Teachers, Learner, Education


Currently, the academic institutions in most countries across the globe are striving their best to uplift the quality of education. Teachers and administrators are looking for variety of ways to make learning interesting and fulfilling which could lead to life-long learning. Similarly, various teaching strategies are being employed to enhance the level of understanding and critical thinking of the students.  One approach to meet this goal is through encouraging the students to become self-directed learners. Self-directed learning can be considered part of the teaching methodology for a long period of time. However, the effectiveness of self-directed learning approach is underestimated. As the teacher and learner plays a huge role in determining the utilization and  effectiveness of Self-directed learning.

       A review of literature shows that self-learning in general, are not only convenient for the teachers, but, in fact, more effective than traditional teaching and learning approach. Hence, this literature review aimed to present the historical underpinning of self-directed learning, the teachers' role in employing self-directed learning and the process on becoming a self-directed learners.


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