• Pranab Kalita Assistant Professor, Department Of Philosophy, Barama College, Barama


Jainism, Ratna –Trayas, Liberation


Jainism teaches everyone to lead and live a simple blissful life without violence and hatred and to maintain common understanding among each other. It is the most peace loving religion and asks everyone to respect all forms of life. Lord Mahavira , popularly known as Shraman Bhagwan propagated  the religion 2600 years ago and stressed importance on non- violence and equality among all living beings. He emphasized broadly on showing love and respect to each and every living beings . His preachings are relevant even today and established a message for the welfare of all beings. The Ratna- trayas namely Samyak darshana ( right faith) , Samyak jnana (right knowledge) and Samyak Charitra (right conduct ) are considered as the foundation of Jainism. In the present paper an attempt is made to focus on the importance of three Ratnas of Jainism to attain the heights of humanity.


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