• Karen Garcia – Castillo


Health Care System, nursing, leadership, challenges, redesign


Health care as a dynamic system brings about changes which greatly influences the practice of nursing.  Nursing as an essential part of health care, have to be adept with the continuous change in the dynamics within its realm. This creates the need for nurses to be adequately equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to efficiently implement the appropriate schema of practice for the delivery of efficient and cost effective health care.  A current understanding of nursing and its core leadership initiates a deeper understanding of what is still relevant to the practice and what is not.  The quality of health care delivery as an integral part in measuring the stability and progress of the society in general therefore creates the need to ensure that there is a strong leadership which will ensure the sustainability of its delivery.


Considering the various challenges and changes that impact the nursing profession and its practice, this literature aimed to present the current scenario affecting the health care system to which nursing is an integral part. Furthermore, it also aimed to present the response of the nursing profession with these challenges and changes through a redesign in its leadership in the 21st century.


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