• Sanjana Sharma Marwaha BA [Hons] Sociology, Amity, Noida
  • Aasma Alvi BA [Hons] Sociology, Amity, Noida


Russia, Ukraine, United States, Economic Sanctions, European Union


The beginning of the military action in Ukraine started in 2014 as well as swiftly changed to a  lengthy stand-off, with recurrent bomabardment and clashes taking place around the front line  which deattaches Russian-and Ukrainian-goverened territories in the east. After Russian initiated  a major attack on Ukraine on February 22, 2022, the invasion has led to over one hundred  civilian casualties and forced tens of thousands of Ukrainians to flee to the neighboring statesparticularly Poland, a member of NATO, where the military of the United States are making  preparations to provide support. The invasion caused Russia with numerous sanctions by EU member states, US and some other major countries. These sanctions will effect the world economy as the prices of various commodities will rise.


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