• Katari Kantha Department of Community Health Nursing, Narayana College of Nursing, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, 524003, India.
  • Arumugam Indira principal , Narayana College of Nursing, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, 524003, India.
  • Kalavathi. B


hypertension, non coastal area, coastal area, heart attack, stroke


Background: Untreated high blood pressure may damage organs in the body and   increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and brain hemorrhage. Elevated blood pressure is rising nearly 30 percent in teens, and by 2025, hypertension will affect 1.56 billion adults worldwide. This is a growing health concern.


Aim: to assess the prevalence of hypertension


Setting and Design: The study was conducted in Komerika (coastal area) and Uttukuru (non coastal area) by using a descriptive design.


 Materials and Methods: A total of 500 samples were included in this study. Among this, 250 samples belongs to coastal area and 250 samples belongs to non coastal area by using convenience sampling technique.


Statistical Analysis Used: The collected data was organized, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted by using descriptive and inferential statistics based on the objectives of the study.


Results: In Komerika, Out of 250 samples, With regard to the category of the blood pressure (20.8%) are stage-I, 15(6%) are stage-II, 1(0.4%) are stage-III, 33(13.2%) are grade-I, and 5(2%) are grade-II isolated systolic hypertension.  Known Hypertensive cases are 50(20%), Newly diagnosed cases are 56(22.4%). With regard to BMI, among 250 samples 18(7.2%) were overweight and 5(2%) were obese. in Uttukuru, among 250 samples, 85(34%) are stage-I, 7(2.8%) are stage-II, 48(19.2%) are grade-I, and 7(2.8%) are grade-II. Known Hypertensive cases are 96(38.4%). Newly diagnosed cases are 51(20.4%). With regard to BMI among 250 samples 49(19.6%) were overweight and 24(9.6%) were obese.

Conclusion: The above results shown that blood pressure values are high in the Uttukuru (non coastal area) than Komerika (coastal area).


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