• Dr.Nanzy.P.S Research Fellow, Population, Research Centre Kerala


Health expenditure, Gross Domestic Product, Percapita Income


A country's economic progress and health status are influenced by its health expenditure. India's public spending is very low and differs from state to state. In this view, we assess public health spending in various Indian states in relation to their Gross State Domestic Product (GSDP) and per capita income. The data was taken from the National Health Accounts (NHA). After the implementation of NRHM, the majority of states decreased their share of health. The highest decline is observed in economically advanced states like Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Himachal Pradesh is the only state that contributed more than half of its public health spending to state health spending. Percapita health spending is very high in Kerala. Knowledge of factors associated with health expenditure and well-designed public policy would help to better plan for the future.


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