• Sharath Kumar C R Assistant Professor, BGS B.Ed College, Kuvempunagar, Mysore, India
  • Prof. Praveena K B Registrar of Evaluation, Karnataka State Open University, Mysore, India


Technological Era, Techno Pedagogical Skills, Technological Literacy


“In this 21st Century’s technological era it’s so hard to move without technology. As a result of advancement in Science and Technology there is a paradigm shift in curriculum transaction processes, and one should adopt to these changes to be lucrative. In many advancements Techno Pedagogy is the hybrid method of teaching in which ICT resources are utilize in the class room transaction process. Techno Pedagogical skills are very useful in making curriculum transactions are more effective. It promotes technological literacy and usage of Multimedia packages in the curriculum transaction process. There are various challenges faced by teacher trainees to successfully integrate technology and pedagogy in the curriculum transaction. Lack of knowledge regarding Techno Pedagogical skills on the part of teacher trainees before entering the profession and even Techno pedagogical skills are not properly utilizing by stakeholders at maximum extent. These reasons and the many research results realized to researcher to investigate the high need of studying “Techno Pedagogical skills of Teacher Trainees of University of Mysore.” The main aim of this study is to find out the Level of Techno pedagogical skills of teacher trainees with different dimensions of 21st century skills.  Here the research is used survey method and used the SCALE FOR TECHNO-PEDAGOGICAL SKILLS tool prepared by and standardized by Jeyaraj I, to collect the data”


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