• Ms. Sarbjit Kaur Research Scholar, Department of Education & Community Service, Punjabi University, Patiala, Punjab, India.


Covid-19, education, developing countries, SDG-4, learning loss


Covid-19 pandemic posed one of the greatest threats to global education. It has caused the gigantic learning crisis in global education as approximately 80 per cent of enrolled students were out of schools during pandemic. The world has experienced a biggest educational crisis ever as this pandemic has resulted in losses in learning, increase dropout rates and most of the poor children missed their most important meal of the day. Richer countries has managed the learning of students through online learning methods, but in middle-income and poor countries, the inequality in the opportunities between rich and poor students has been amplified. This pandemic has a profound negative impact on the learning of poor students and there is an urgent need of the efforts to reduce the negative impact of this pandemic on the learning of students in this post-pandemic period. This paper attempts to highlight the major challenges faced by developing countries during this pandemic by using a method of Document Analysis. Besides, the paper will also point out the suggestions based on innovations and best practices adopted in different countries to support quality primary and secondary education for all.


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