• Dr.Archana Tiwari M. Sc (FOOD & NUTRITION),PhD


Intentional Adulteration, Incidental adulteration, Metallic contamination, Adulterants, Adulteration, student, Gorakhpur district, psychologically health, Physical health, food articles


                 To study on common food adulterants and knowledge about adulteration among Student of Gorakhpur district. Man cannot live without food. It is essential for health and life. But this food must be pure, clean and fresh. Nowadays, foods are often adulterated. In hotels and restaurants stale and rotten foods are mixed with fresh food and served to the customers. Fish and vegetables are adulterated by putting on them chemicals and other preservatives in order to make them look fresh. Bakery and confectionery products are also adulterated by using toxic substances. Junk food contains harmful chemicals. Even fruits, milk and beverages are also adulterated. In fact, all kinds of foods and food articles are adulterated by dishonest and greedy businessmen for a quick and unearned profit. This study was conducted in student, area of Gorakhpur. To assess the knowledge of diseases related to adulteration of foods and knowledge of Govt. Acts. There are 100 respondents appropriate questionnaire were used as a total over all existing the study. It was found that out of all respondents only 72% subject have knowledge about adulteration of foods supplement, remaining respondents have no knowledge about adulterants, Majority of subjects knows only AGMARK brands majority of respondents have not knowledge about disease related to adulteration of foods. An adulteration is a common problem not only found in existing local net area but it is mostly found the world


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