• Ms. Sushma Research Scholar, University School of Education, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Dwarka, Delhi


21st century skills, Sustainable development goals, lifelong learners


As the world is changing rapidly, Sectors of the economy and careers provide immense opportunities for anyone with the necessary skills. The fast acceleration in global competition and communication technology requires the manpower who are more skilled and creative to be more productive which also leads to sustainable development goals. 21st century learning offers a holistic and systematic view of how we can reconceptualize education, bringing together all the elements into a unified framework. 21st century skills are categorised into three groups. as Learning skills which are about brain processes essential for learning new information, Literacy Skills, which aid in the formation and acquisition of new knowledge through the use of media and digital resources. Life Skills, which are necessary for good day-to-day living.

Today's Education’s goal is to make the student be a productive member of society who is aware of their ability. The researcher used a various article, reports, related research papers, books, various websites, and online resources to conduct the study. This article focuses on 21st century skills with description of its components and their need and broad outcomes of 21st century skills for students and how it helps to attain the sustainable development goal to promote lifelong learners.


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