• Akriti Wadhwa Undergraduate Student, Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, University of Delhi
  • Dr. Tarjeet Sabharwal Assistant Professor, Delhi College of Arts & Commerce, University of Delhi


New media, cyber activism, hashtags, online protests, twitter, campaign


The inception of the internet and social media applications has brought about a great degree of change in the way we consume information today. These social media applications have become the backbone of every event that takes place today for its all-pervasive nature and the ability to strike a chord with a plethora of people. While social media platforms came with an idea of connecting the teeming population across the globe, lately they have taken on the role of activism.

From Arab spring to the infamous #MeToo campaign, social media applications have proved their sublime potential to connect with the target audience and bring a social change. They have become the bearers of societal change and ergo creating an effective way of boosting this ability through, hashtags. The phenomena of using hashtags have become so prevalent that every campaign, whether social or business uses it to put across their point and reach larger audiences.

My study addresses the phenomenon and in particular focuses on why has the hashtags trend caught pace and is used increasingly today by employing quantitative methods of study. Through the survey method the paper tries to understand why hashtags have become the raging trend and in return facilitated online protests. Also, it focuses on why online protests have become the norm.

The results reveal convenience of protesting from the comfort of home and mass reach of online protest play an important role in the popularity of online protests and hashtags. The social websites as a platform are highly popular to spread awareness about a social or political concern.


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