• Rushikesh Kulkarni
  • Muzammil Madki
  • Tejas Mapari


ATM, card less, Fingerprint, PIN, unauthorized access


The current ATM system uses ATM card and PIN(Pin Identification Number) for authentication purpose. This system is susceptible to many security issues such as theft of ATM card, Lebanese loop, skimming etc. Hence in this paper we propose an embedded system that uses fingerprint authentication (not ATM cards) for accessing user account along with Pin Identification Number (PIN). In this system, Bankers will collect customer finger-prints, mobile number, e-mail and name while opening the account. If two or more persons need to access the account then fingerprints of all of them can be taken. Even multiple fingerprints of a same person are taken to make access easy. All this information is stored in bank's database. Account number and Pin Identification number are given to the user. The customer needs to validate his fingerprint first and need to enter PIN. This information is sent to server for authentication. If server validates this information then customer can access his account. This makes developed system secure rather than current system which uses only PIN for authentication.


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