• Ms. Samraddhi Sohani Advocate High Court Indore, Student (LLM) OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat
  • Mr. Shobhit Agrawal Student (LLM) OP Jindal Global University, Sonipat


The importance of international relations in attracting foreign investment is examined in this study (FDI) The significance of FDI has been well documented in the literature and is widely acknowledged by most governments throughout the world. No government can now reject the need for FDI or the economic benefits this could bring. Foreign direct investment (FDI) is thought to be a key driver of economic growth and progress. Because it assists in the accumulation of capital and the expansion of industrial capacity of the host countries. Diplomacy, like so many other aspects of government, is impacted by the fundamental developments of the twenty-first century. Shocks to the global system, the change in internet-based information dissemination, and liberal regimes' legitimacy issues all appear to need a fundamental re-orientation of foreign affairs instruments. The author through this paper has tried to examine the changes that could be brough in the diplomacy between countries so that a greater cross-border investment could take place and this has been explored by understanding how diplomacy has changed in the 21st century, what types and tactics are being used today by countries to safeguard themselves on one hand while increase investment on the other and the method of research used in this paper is qualitative in nature and basically a review of all the research done while later suggesting the ways to mould the diplomacy today.

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