• MB. Nguyen Cam Ly Hanoi University of Architecture - Vietnam


graphic arts, packaging design, indigenous culture, cultural characteristics, color in packaging design, images, illustrations


Conveying the brand image of the rice industry through product packaging design is a matter of concern for many businesses in Vietnam, especially in the context of developing international and regional economic integration.

The research of rice packaging design conveying typical cultural identities of each region and locality has long been invested and focused by the world's leading food brands. This helps the product brand make a strong impression and associate indigenous cultural values ​​to consumers through the product.

Rice packaging design with indigenous style is an important factor creating competitiveness and a unique mark for product brands and businesses, especially when Vietnam is opening to the world. Products with high quality, distinctive marks and high aesthetics are reasonable demands. The investment in designs with Vietnamese identity helps increase brand recognition and product value, helps increase the consumer value of the product, creates an identity mark, and helps Vietnamese product brands have their own advantages.



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