• Master Bui Thi Thanh Hoa VietNam Hanoi Open University


Culture, arts, Indochinese architecture, decorative motifs, Vietnam, Taiwan


Indochinese architectural style is the artistic heritage of the French that was formed during the colonial expansion in some Asian countries, including Vietnam. The special feature of these Indochinese-style architectural works is the harmonious combination of European cultural and artistic quintessence (Greek - Roman culture and art) with East Asian architectural quintessence, mainly of which is China with the ideology of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism. This architectural art style is specifically shown in elements of the plan, architectural structures and most notably the system of symbols and decorative motifs which is the feature of Asian culture and philosophy, such as the eight-sign figure, yin and yang, symbols of the swastika, the word longevity, chrysanthemums, lemon flowers..., all of which are arranged harmoniously on the background of strong prominent architectural blocks of European classical style. In the development system of Vietnamese traditional art, Indochinese architectural decoration art in Hanoi is a unique expression in art creation,  from the absorption and Vietnameseization of exotic cultural and artistic architectural elements, to the highlighting of the unique aesthetic thinking of Vietnamese residents.

The article provides more scientific evidence that further clarifies the similarities and differences in Chinese culture - art that affect decorative motips on Indochinese style architecture in Hanoi - the capital of the Indochina Federation during the French colonial period (1884 - 1945).


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