• Dr. Sherly Philip Assistant Professor, Mount Tabor Training College, Pathanapuram, Kollam, Kerala


Social and Emotional Learning, Online Learning Environment


We know that students are more involved in online learning experiences nowadays.  There arises a question whether we teachers are able to cater the emotional and social aspects of the students through online platforms. Our online students also face many problems like, anxieties, and emotional barriers as those students sitting in a physical classroom. Social  Emotional Learning and character education can shape the future of education by creating a  new classroom environment that values diversity, management of emotions and empowering  students with positive skills that they can return to their workforce and community .Classroom discussions are your best outlet for applying social emotional learning in an  online environment. By embracing new evidence of the interconnectedness of emotions and learning, educators can enhance learning outcomes and support students. Social Emotional Learning provides a foundation for safe and positive learning, and enhances students' ability to succeed in school, careers, and life. Effective social Emotional Learning leads to development of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision-Making, Social Awareness and Relationship Skills. 


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