• Shweta Dolhare Computer Engineering , BVCOEW, Pune, India- 411043.
  • Snehal Gaikwad Computer Engineering , BVCOEW, Pune, India- 411043.
  • Poonam Ghorpade Computer Engineering , BVCOEW, Pune, India- 411043.


Cloud Computing, Service Composition, Online Web services, Hadoop, MySQL, MapReduce


Big sensor data is prevalent in both industry and scientific research applications where the data is generated with high volume and velocity it is difficult to process using on-hand database management tools or traditional data processing applications. Cloud computing provides a promising platform to support the addressing of this challenge as it provides a flexible stack of massive computing, storage, and software services in a scalable manner at low cost. But uploading the data in cloud can with high volume and velocity can cause damage to that file. So detecting such files from the data base is important. So in this project we are detecting the files with data tamper or error. We also propose to repair the tampered file to its original state and restore it again. Hence the Data in the cloud will remain unharmed.


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