• Dr. Ajay Kumar Swain Senior Teacher Educator, DIET, Cuttack, Narasinghpur
  • Dr. Suresh Kumar Tripathy Regional Director, IGNOU, Regional Centre, Bhubaneswar


Achievement, Elementary, Mathematics, Effect, Study Habit, Variable


  Academic achievement is the major factor for which every educational institution put their time, energy and resources to the best possible extend. There are number of factors affecting academic achievement which have been studied by many researchers in the past. One such factor which is catching the attention of teachers and researchers is the Study Habits. The present study aimed at finding out the relationship of study habits of students and their achievement in mathematics.. It also tries to examine the effect of Study Habits of boys and girls on Achievement in Mathematics of Elementary school students. Another important purpose of the study is also to examine as to whether there exists any relationship between study habits of Elementary school students and their academic achievement in Mathematics.


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