• Said Manoev Doctoral candidate, Department of Architecture, Samarkand State Architectural and Civil-Engineering Institute, Samarkand, Uzbekistan - 140147.


architectural ensembles, complexes, Uzbekistan, town-planning, harmonization


This article describes the formation and development of the architectural ensembles and complexes in the years of Independence in Uzbekistan. Today, we can see the complex urban development of residential complexes, sports facilities, colleges and lyceums, the main squares of towns, shopping centers, streets and main avenues. Great attention is also given to an ensemble building of the main squares, avenues, streets, public buildings and other facilities. Landscape architecture and irrigation are widely introduced in a town-planning design. Creation of architectural ensembles of buildings, strengthening the visual impact requires from an architect determination of harmonization of the components of ensemble buildings and structures. The above-mentioned problems are particularly acute, both in modern architecture and in urban planning. Consequently, the formation of architectural ensembles and complexes in modern architecture Uzbekistan requires special study. Formation of ensembles and complexes with the application of modern principles and landscape architecture reflect the views on the revival of the traditions of national architecture. For development the architectural ensembles and complexes proposals and recommendations aimed.


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