• Jagdishkumar J. Parmar Ph.D. Research Scholar, School of Commerce, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
  • Dr. K. B. Rao Research Supervisor, Gujarat University,


University, Education, Commerce, India, Economic


Liberalization, globalisation, and privatisation have all had a significant impact on the Education in Commerce stream. India's education system is frequently regarded as a major factor in the country's economic progress. India's higher education sector is worth approximately $40 billion each year. In India, Commerce Education is a critical component of education referred to as Business Education. It is an active practise that is diametrically opposed to the other disciplines. Commerce is a field of education that develops the necessary information, abilities, and attitudes for effective commerce, trade, and industry management. Education in the commerce stream acts as a catalyst for a nation's or region's socioeconomic advancement. Commerce education gives the necessary information to fulfil the demands of today's competitive corporate world. Commerce education assists students and scholars in determining the best course of action for growth and survival. The rate at which Commerce Education is expanding in this sector attests to its growing acceptability as a source of skills development, awareness, creativity, and prosperity, all of which are necessary preconditions for any country's economic progress. This article discusses the growing trends and reforms in commerce education in the United States by analysing important obstacles, government actions, and recommendations for revitalising commerce education.


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