• Seyed Gholamreza Bani Ahmad Master of Urban Planning, Urban Planning, Department of Geography and Humanities, PNU South Tehran, Tehran, Iran


city, artificial lakes, urban construction, Chitgar Lake


As one of the main results of the industrial revolution and the development of technology, urbanization is considered as the dominant pattern of housing today, which is increasing day by day. Urbanization has had many consequences, one of which is environmental issues. Artificial lakes are built in regions where possible, mostly for environmental purposes. Proper management of these lakes is very important because neglecting them can have many consequences. Increased urban construction can be considered one of these consequences. This study was mainly conducted to investigate the impact of artificial lakes on the increase of urban construction. For field studies, Chitgar Lake in District 22 of Tehran was selected. Data were collected using two methods of library documentation and field studies with questionnaires. Data analysis was performed using mean analysis and correlation methods. The results indicated that building Chitgar Lake in District 22 of Tehran had a significant effect on increasing urban construction.


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