• Dr. Gajanan S. Sharma Assistant Professor, Matoshri Sayarbai Champalalji Chopda B. Ed College, Khamgaon


Environment, awareness, attitude, graduate students


The heredity and environment are the two major factors in the development of personality of an individual, but behaviorists are of the view that environment is all in all in the development of personality and heredity is nothing to do in it. It is the environment cannot induce that traits and abilities which are inborn of an individual. The need of the hour to implement Environmental Education in full swing. Because, education can contribute to the improvement of relationships between people and their environment awareness and involvement of the civil society in a precondition of checking environmental degradation, so for that we should create environmental awareness in between people for the sake of our green planet. Most of Graduate’s don’t know about environmental problems and current issues. But in present it is must to aware the graduate’s about the environmental problems and issues. Although huge amounts are being spent on environmental education awareness program still it is distanced from the goal of education.


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