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Migration, Poverty, Households, Development and Livelihood


More than half of the households in Bihar are exposed to migration to more developed places within or outside the state or country and majority of households depend on remittances for their livelihood. Highest migration occurs in the traditional migration pockets of Saran, Munger, Darbhanga, Kosi, Tirhut and Purnia. Seasonal migration is highest in Kosi, Tirhut and Purnia divisions. The migration is highest from other caste groups followed by OBCs, SCs and STs. Due to persistent widespread poverty and under development, migration from this region continued even after Independence and mainly remained confined to the developed western states of the country. Recently, this region also showed a significant rise in trend of international migration towards the Gulf destinations. The continuum of two-century-old association between migration and poverty has led to the “culture of migration” in Middle Ganga Plain. It has been observed that migration is highest for the landless group and nuclear families in Bihar. The most important outcome of migration is remittance which influences the process of development and brings change in the consumption pattern and lifestyle of the individual.


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