• Dr. Quazi Md. Kamran Faculty, Univ. Dept. of Commerce & Bus. Adm., T.M. Bhagalpur University


Indian Economy, Shopping Behaviour, Consumer’s Perception, Retail Formats, Mall Culture


Indian economy has grown rapidly in the last two decades, as a result of change in the business environment and thereby attracted massive investment from domestic and foreign players. This study is an effort to understand the revolution which has taken place in the Indian retail industry. Moreover, with the help of this study the researcher has made an attempt to analyze the shopping behaviour of consumer and try to assess consumer’s perception with respect to organized retailer. In order to analyze the consumer’s perception a survey has been conducted in Mumbai city and suburbs and based on the survey findings has been drawn by the researcher. The findings are based on the structured questionnaire collected from 100 respondents and the data has been collected through convenience sampling method. Organized retailer’s popularity among the consumers is growing and thereby favouring the Mall culture which is quite prevalent in the Western Countries. Specially, youth prefer to shop more at modern retail formats as compared to consumer of adult and mature age groups. Moreover the research also highlight that Indian consumers are price sensitive also.


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