• Dr. Dipak R. Pandya Asst. Professor, S. D. Shethia College of Education, Mundra - Kachchh


Education is an exchange with the help of the major four skills like listening, spiking, reading and writing. In classroom teaching work, the teacher has to use the speaking   skills the most.

In the B.Ed., the trainees who are taking training to become teachers of Hindi subject with Hindi methodology , if they themselves cannot speak very well in Hindi language then how will they be able to teach their students in Hindi ?

Researcher himself is a lecturer in Hindi methodology in a B.Ed. college. Periodically this problem was found in practical work or during communication. Therefore, Researcher decided to do an Action research work on this problem.

This work has been done with the objectives like, to know the reasons for not being able to speak Hindi very well, to know the mistakes being made in speaking Hindi, to tell the ways of  effective speaking in Hindi etc. In this work survey method was used by the researcher. The collection of data was done with the help of an Interview Schedule. The analysis of data in this work was performed by calculating  percentage.

By having years of experience of teaching Hindi Methodology students, the reasons for the students' difficulties to speak Hindi are : they do not get enough opportunities to speak in Hindi, they mostly speak in Gujarati with friends, there is no atmosphere of speaking in Hindi in the family conversations also, teachers also did not create classroom atmosphere for speaking in Hindi etc.

For the improvement in Hindi Speaking skills several suggestions are given by the researcher like : Communication with the Method Master in Hindi only, conversing in Hindi with friends as well, coming to the stage and express themselves in Hindi whenever they get opportunities etc.  Some trainees have rigorously implemented all these suggestions and some considerable improvement has been observed among their Hindi Speaking skills.


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