• Krishna Priya Vishnubhatla Lecturer in Management Studies, Ch.S.D.St.Theresa’s College for Women (A), Eluru, Affiliated to Adikavi Nannaya University


Green finance, healthy environment, Green finance projects and instruments


Green finance implies financing investments that enhance sustainable environmental development. This aims at promoting environmental friendly practices and reducing the harmful aspects to healthy environments. Green Finance encompasses all the initiatives taken by private and public agents like business units, banks, governments, international organizations in developing, promoting, implementing and supporting projects with sustainable impacts through financial instruments. In other words, Green Finance provides the financial tools required by active agents to increasingly generate activities with positive and durable externalities. The promotion of renewable energies, energy efficiency, water sanitation, environmental audits are some examples of Green Finance projects are but not only these but also many that strengthen healthy environments like the reduction of transportation and industrial pollution, climate change, deforestation, carbon footprint. It is also important to note that for these changes to take place and produce the desired outcomes in the long run, the active involvement of public, private and international organisms is required. This paper is an attempt to study the importance of green finance , to analyze the problems in implementing the planned aspects and to explore better solutions.


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