• Makawan Poomcharean Research Scholar, CAS in Linguistics, Annamalai University, India.
  • Dr. P. Vijaya Assistant Professor, CAS in Linguistics, Annamalai University, India.


Thai Language, Second Language, Foreigners, Basic Skills, Instructors, Students


The present paper studies the context of learning Thai as a second language at Chiang Mai University. Chiang Mai is the northernmost province of Thailand. At the myriad, international students came to learn Thai as their second language. Numerous courses have been opened in institutions for foreigners to study Thai. At present, learning the Thai language as a second language became popular for international students. The necessity of learning Thai for international students is a pre-requisite criterion before taking up their major study area. However, such students lack in communication skills, and the desire to improve their skills in the Thai language


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