• Atul Samiran Post graduate Department of Zoology, Tilkamanjhi, Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur-812007, Bihar, India


Blue-light, Diseases, Radiation, Smartphone


A gadget included in the modern gadget which has a boon for the entire human race and almost all of them have an important and integral part in their daily routine, that thing is the smartphone. While on one hand it remains a boon for humans, and the other hand it causes serious health problem due to its increasing misuse. And it's making people sick. Radiations emanating from the phone are absorbed by the skin, although it is tolerable. But its prolonged exposure can cause various types of complications. If the smartphone is used for too long of the night, the circadian rhythm is disturbed. It leads to insomnia as well as its glossy blue light brings change in photoreceptor cell in eyes. Most people carry or keep smartphone near the waist and in the pockets of paint, by doing so, it adversely affects reproductive organs and brings infertility. Radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation ( RFEMR) which is emitted from smartphone causes damage of gonad. These radiation decreases sperm motility and development. In females radiation exert adverse effect on ovary and endometrial tissue. The study also revealed that cancer and tumor is also possible due to misuse and excessive of smartphone.


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