Dr. Manuj Kumar Chutia


Women empowerment is one of the most important issues for all nations of the world. It is significant not only from personal point of view but from the national development perspective too. It means powering or giving authority to women for developing strength and confidence in the field of social, political, educational, economic and other fields of life and prevents them from all forms of discrimination and violence against them.

Adolescence is the grounding stage of adulthood which is very much crucial and vulnerable period of one’s life. The prevailing gender discrimination in human society put our adolescent girls at risk for their secure and healthy transition from childhood to adulthood. Empowering adolescent girls through education, life skills training, social support and awareness can help a lot to build up self-assurance and strength among them. Therefore, it is necessary to make them more sensitive about their righteous activities and intrinsic power through empowerment. This paper attempts to highlight the empowerment status of women in general and adolescent girls in particular with special reference to Nagaon sub-division area.


Women Empowerment, Adolescent girls, Awareness

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