• Sweta J. Barot Ph. D. Scholar, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad


British Literary Periods, Middle English Period, Neoclassical Period, Romantic Period, Victorian Period, Edwardian Period, Georgian Period, Modern Period, Postmodern Period


English is one of the powerful language in the world today and is the one of the most popular and essential language today. Today opportunity finders in any segment are aware to have English as their part of the business. The current scenario of English is that, any person wanting to present the self, his product or creations globally, has to be take the English language in his support.

            In this article the author has tried to present the details of the English language starting from its history to the modern era in the periodical segments. The variousperiodical segments presented in this article will hopefully provide the details of English language to many learners and will support and provide the necessary information about English language researchers.


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