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Stress is disrupts the repetitive, physical or mental well-being of individuals. It arises when the body performs beyond his abilities or when a person faces uncommon demands. In the present era stress is an unavoidable component of life due to increasing complexities and competitiveness in living standards. It is not only working women but also housewives. Everyone experiences stress, whether it is within family or outside the family, workplace, study, business, organization. Most of the women experiences stress in family due to crowded and unhygienic living conditions, conflict, urbanization and lack of motivation from family members. Concerning the cause of stress, most studies have pointed to the fact that the incidence of stress is due to overwork [Laver, 1999]. In the United States, work place stress has doubled since 1985. Around one third of all Americans measured job related pressure as their greatest source of stress. Objective: study attempt to understand the stress level between working and non working women. Methods: present study utilized both primary and secondary data sources to meet the objectives of the study. Results: findings of study displays that working women mild stress level is more and nonworking women moderate level stress and sever level stress found same among both working and nonworking women. Statistical significance shows the relationship between working and nonworking women stress level with 0.05 level. They can manage the stress by adapting healthy practices and individual can learn to relax and enjoy life. They had feel the best way to manage stress is to prevent it. This may not be always possible. So, the subsequent best effects are to decrease strain and make life easier.


working women, nonworking women, stress level , Psychological , Physical problems

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