• Dr. Afaq Ahmad Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism & Mass Communication, Lovely Professional University, Punjab-144 411, India


Agenda Setting Role, Hindi Cinema, Hindi Films, Bollywood, Aamir Khan


Bollywood has gained currency with the passage of time and it happens to be the sole entertainment provider for millions of viewers in the country. Hindi films have enriched the people with thought-provoking and value-loaded temperament and as far as Aamir Khan’s movies are concerned it supplied messages and energised cinema goers due to its varied plots, style, ideas or texture of stories, and multi-dimensional characteristics played by him on the silver screen. Aamir Khan’s movies leave an emotional effect on viewers and inculcate something which seems to be lacking in Hindi cinema these days. The primary objective of the paper is to study the three selected movies of Aamir Khan which tend to set the agenda of mainstream Hindi cinema. The present paper is an attempt to study three different movies of Aamir Khan which is inclined to pave the way to set the agenda in accordance with the messages hidden in the themes and plots of these movies under study. The researcher has purposefully selected these movies as Sarfarosh – a suspense-thriller movie, Dil Chahta Hai – a trendsetter movie, and Mangal Pandey – a historical movie, owing to their heterogeneous and multifarious stories. As the selected movies tried to shape public opinion and enlighten viewers due to its wide-ranging plots and themes, the agenda-setting role was unearthed. The study revealed that Aamir Khan’s movies appear to set the agenda of Hindi cinema by employing different plots and characters in his movies. Moreover, Aamir Khan’s movies seem to have bridged the gap between commercial and art cinema as his films supposed to have an artistic approach and commercially-driven predictability alike. The manifestation of the suspense-thriller proposition, trendsetter slant, and historical perspective were quite evident to substantiate that Aamir Khan’s movies set the agenda of mainstream Hindi cinema in a distinctive and exclusive manner.


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