• Dr. Katha Desai Department of Obgy, Sassoon hospital, Pune. India
  • Dr. Ashwini Kale Assistant Lecturer, Department of Obgy, Sassoon Hospital, Pune. India
  • Dr. P. W. Sambarey Professor and Head of Department, Department of Obgy, Sassoon Hospital, Pune India


Conjoined twins, thoracopagus, omphalopagus, caesarean section for twins,, Siamese twins


Conjoined twins represent one of the rarest forms of gestation with an estimated incidence of 1 in 50,000 to 1,00,000. A 19-year-old primi gravida, a resident of Ahmednagar was referred to our hospital from Baramati at 29 weeks gestation with an ultrasound suggestive of conjoint twins with anemia. Patient was admitted and was managed conservatively with intravenous iron sucrose and discharged after antenatal registration with us followed by careful and close antenatal follow up. She presented to us in labour on 24/11/15 and was posted for an emergency caesarean section. Conjoined twins of combined weight 3050 grams were extracted out, both female with a common heart and were handed over to pediatric surgeon. In conclusion, conjoined twins are associated with high perinatal mortality; therefore making an early diagnosis by means of ultrasound gives parents a chance to electively terminate pregnancy.


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