• Dr. Binalben Sanjaykumar Patel I/C Principal Law College, Himatnagar. Gujarat


Maternity, Women Empowerment, Paternity


Through judicial interpretations and analysis of the 2017 updated legislation, this research paper attempts to investigate shifting patterns in women empowerment in the country. Women's participation in the labour force and the obstacles they encounter in the workplace. The primary goal of maternity allowance is to retain the mother's dignity, protect women's health, and assure the entire protection of children. Compulsory paternity leave, which helps guarantee that fathers and mothers share parental obligations and increases men's involvement in the important early stages of baby development, would also be a focus of the study. It will also examine the scope of the legislation, which has been expanded to include adoptive moms, as well as data on the number of women who have left the workforce and whether or not there have been any changes as a result of the amendment.


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