Ms. Sheetal Devi, Ms. Gitanjali Vashistha, Ms. Marlyn Mervin


The basic theme for the paper is to introduce very role of the Information and communication technology in providing quality education. This will include the need for ICT in education sector and various types of tools and techniques of ICT commonly used in education sector. On the other hand, the paper also describes the advantages to learn with ICT and focuses mainly on various issues and challenges that come across in integrating ICT in school education. This paper focuses on teaching and learning with information and communications technology (ICT) across a range of subjects, drawing on the research of the Interactive Education.

This paper also describes how teams of teachers have developed ways of embedding information and communication technology (ICT) into everyday classroom practices to enhance learning. The focus is on integrating ICT with teaching–learning process across a range of subjects: English, history, geography, mathematics, modern foreign languages, music and science. The lag in the creative thinking and intuitive knowledge construction is emphasized and it is somewhere seen that this is exacerbated by the use of ICT in the classroom. The impact of ICT on students’ minds in relation to out-of-school uses of ICT tools and resources has been discussed.


ICT, Learning Outcomes, Digital Technology, Subject Knowledge, Teaching.

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