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Eritrea is an African country situated in the North East of Africa. It is bounded by Ethiopia, Djibouti, Sudan and the Red Sea. It is rich in its culture and peace can be found throughout the country. Eritrea was named by the ‘Red Sea’ which was called as Mare Erythraeum by the Romans. Later as Eritrea, when this country was colonized by Italians. The locals call as ‘erithra’.  There are nine ethnic groups within Eritrea. Though they speak nine different languages, the national language is Tigrinya. English is also one of the official languages. Culturally and linguistically the land of Eritrea is divided into two namely lowlands and highlands. Muslims are dominated in lowlands while Christians in highlands. All these people in these lands live peacefully. Both these lands are rich in culture. It is a land of peace and the people are lovable and very friendly. Indians are living there from 1910’s when the conflict started with Ethiopia.

This article tries to explain the culture of the Eritreans. Moreover the peace of the country and the richness of the people are described.

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