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Traffic is a major problem in the modern era with the increase in population there is the increase in the number of vehicles, road users which end in congestion of traffic.

The static road infrastructure is almost the same and unable to cope with changes like congestion, unpredictable travel time, delay and road accidents that taking a serious shape and due to this there is need to control the road traffic with help of traffic control optimizer.

In spite of measures being taken to migrate and reduce traffic, it becomes major concerned faced by the metropolitan cities during the planning of cities it has emerged as one of the main challenges for developing cities. To find out appropriate measures there is the necessity of identify magnitude of traffic congestion.

The construction of new road or widening of existing road is not feasible every time it will result in additional traffic congestion the total available space within the city for the construction of the road, railway, and other transportation is restricted.

This study focuses on the implementation of movable traffic dividers to solve the traffic congestion problem in metropolitan cities.


Static road divider, Traffic congestion, Peak hours, Movable road divider, Road widening, Road efficiency.

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