Amulya S, Nisarga -, Pilli Siva Gowtham Reddy, Dr. Hariprasad S A, Sunil M P


Authentication is that the basic issue in the field of computer primarily based communication. Face recognition is widely utilized in many applications reminiscent of system security and door system. The proposed work describes the way to take student’s act victimization face recognition .The face recognition is enforced with the help of Camera and Open CV formula. The system will acknowledge the face of specific student and saves the response in information automatically. The system additionally includes the feature of retrieving the list of students who are absent during a explicit day. The various information is recorded with the assistance of a camera connected as a part of front of the classroom which is able to be continuously taking footage of students, detect the faces in image and it distinguishes appearances alongside the information and mark the attendance. This work initial audit the connected works in the field of participation administration conjointly the face acknowledgment. At that time, it presents our framework structure and plan. Finally, the experiments area unit enforced and it shows the advance of the performance of the attendance system. In this work using Raspberry pi and is employed to find the face with the assistance of OpenCv.


OpenCv, Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera

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