• Ankita Jain Research scholar at Prestige Institute of Management & Research, DAVV, Indore and Assistant Professor at Shri Vaishnav Institute of Management, Indore (M.P)
  • Anukool Manish Hyde (Professor and Head- HR and General Management) Prestige Institute of Management and Research, 2, Education and health sector, Scheme No.54, Indore (MP),


Banking Industry, India, HRM, Banking, Practices, People


The Indian banking system consists of public sector banks, nationalized banks, private sector banks, foreign owned banks, regional rural banks and cooperative banks. The world of HRM (HRM) is changing more rapidly. This article enlightened the banking activity which thrives on the strength of people power.

An attempt is made in this research paper to review the existing literature on the HRM practices of various Indian banks. Earlier research studies at the national level, state-level been examined to understand the HRM practices of the Indian banking industry. It was found that the HRM practices in the Indian banking industry have evolved over a period of time and the HRM practices of Indian banks are marginally getting better than earlier. Through this research study we explored contribution of HRM practices including selection, training, HR planning, compensation, Employee relation, HRIS, Organizational Development, job design and Union labor Relation on perceived employee performance.


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