• Subrata Kar Scholar of Ramakrishna Mission Sikhanamandira (CU) W.B, India
  • Dr. Pradip Kumar Sengupta Associate professor of Ramakrishna Mission Sikhanamandira (CU) W.B, India


Social Inclusion, Enrolment, Mid-Day-Meal, Dropouts


This study is an attempt to evaluate the role of Mid-Day-Meal scheme and obstacles to implementing the scheme successfully as the means of school inclusion as well as social inclusion in North24 Parganas district of West Bengal. The major objectives of this study is to understand the opinions of teachers, students, parents and cook cum helpers about social inclusion by mid-day-meal. For this study data was collected through survey method and used closed ended questionnaire as a tool. Six schools were selected from two blocks of the said district through purposive sampling for the reason that it best suited the researchers’ need. The findings of the study reveals that overall performance of this scheme is satisfactory. But there are some obstacles. To increase the enrolment, regular attendance, academic performances and hygienic awareness of students mid-day-meal scheme covers a major role for social Inclusion.


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