• Abdul Kadhar Ph.D Research Scholar (Full-Time), Department of Economics, The New College (Autonomous), Chennai-14
  • Abdul Raheem Associate Professor and Research Supervisor, Department of Economics, The New College (Autonomous), Chennai-14


Consumer behaviour is the study of the processes that individuals or groups go through in making their purchasing choices in order to satisfy their needs. Usually the buying behaviour takes many forms of consumer's choices that can vary depending on a broad set of factors such as: earnings, demographics, social and cultural factors. Beside these basic internal factors which are considered to be influential to the buying behaviour, there are also a set of factors that would be simulated by the external circumstances in the environment surrounding the consumer. It is valuable to mention that the consumer behaviour is a combination of customer's buying awareness combined with external motivators to result in a change in the consumer's behaviour. This is why most of the economies around the globe shares one problem; because of the external influence on the internal community aspects. Satisfying customers is the ultimate objective of every marketer in all categories of goods and service. After selling a product, the marketers may not have direct contact with the customers. The post purchase behavior of a customer has been influenced by a number of social factors in which the marketer may not get any direct role. Therefore, this paper study the factor determine marketing of electronic products and problems of buying electronics products


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