• Sneha Nair Student, Department of Electronics Engineering, Usha Mittal Institute of Technology, Mumbai, India-400092


ATMEGA 8 microcontroller, GSM wireless technology, Sensors, buzzer, LCD display


Fire accidents occur in most of public transport which causes loss for   human life and government property. There are a number of way   to avoid fire   and thus decrease loss. Fire caused in running train   dangerous   because of   wind helps spread the fire. This time delay between the accident and first responders to be dispatched   . Thus, decreasing the time delay    and ceasing fire from spreading is necessary, hence these system is created. The proposed system have lot of advantage like less costs, communicating  with passengers , latest technologies, easy to reach large number of people, dynamic and effective way ,send important information at proper time for proper mass. The system is implemented by using microcontroller, sensors, fire station, GSM technology to detect fire and cease it with  effect to  extinguish fire  by water sprinkler.


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