• Sunita Arya Associate Professor, C.R.College of Education, M. D. U. Rohtak
  • Manisha Ph.D Research Scholar, Department of Education, M. D. U. Rohtak


Multimedia Instructional Package, Biology, Traditional Method, Effectiveness, Academic Achievement


Multimedia Technology has paved the new avenues for implementation of instructional and educational ideas. It presents information in an effective way and offers opportunity to students to structure and learn exercise at their own pace. Multimedia products integrates text, pictures, sounds and full motion videos interactivity into interesting, informative and entertaining productions. It uses different ways of communication e.g. text, recorded data, numeric data, graphics, images, voice and videos. Present paper evaluates the Compartive  Effectiveness of Multimedia Instructional Package and Traditional Method for teaching Biology to 9th class students.  40 Biology students of 9th class of two schools of Bhiwani District were the subjects of the study. The data collection tools were: SES Form by Dr Ashok Kalia, GGTI test of Intelligence Test by G.C. Ahuja  and Achievement Test. The Topic “Tissues” was taught to the Biology students of Control Group through Traditional Method of teaching and Experimental Group through Multimedia Instructional Package. The results of t-test analysis of the Pre-test and Post test Mean Achievement test scores revealed that there was a statistically significant difference between Achievement level of Biology students of Control Group and Experimental Group. The findings of the study suggest that Multimedia Instructional Package could be considered as a better alternative to Traditional method for teaching Biology.


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