• Dedi Tri Laksono School of Electrical Engineering and Informatics, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, Indonesia - 40132


prototype, integration, power generation


Practical work in power generator is one of subjects in Electrical Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering. This subject give student knowledge and skill about integrated system in power generator. In the process of teaching and learning activity in practical work of power generator with the integrated system as the core material, it is found that lecturer lacks of trainer media about integrated system. This problem makes students less understand about how to plan, make, and operate integrated system which has advanced complicated system. This study adapts Sugiyono’s developing model. In this developing model, each steps have revision in order to check the data validity and trainer qualification. Based on the try-out of this trainer, researcher gets the percentage from each subject as follows: (1) From media expert, the researcher gets the percentage 88.00%, (2) In the small group from the sample, researcher gets the percentage 89.60%, (4) In the big group from the sample, researcher gets the percentage 86.07%. From the data that researcher has, it can be concluded that the development of integrated prototype of pico-scale power generator is valid and proper to be used as instructional media for teaching and learning activities. 


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