• Anuradha N. Mhaske Principal, Mother Teresa College of Nursing, MGM University, Aurangabad
  • Sharad B. Pandit Clinical Instructor, Institute of Nursing Education, Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals, Mumbai


Time Management, Academic Stress, Nursing student


In today’s highly competitive world, students had set to achieve high goals in less time this leads to high level of stress among students. WHO estimates that stress will become one of the leading causes of disability by the year 2020. The nursing students experienced higher levels of stress and there is an urgent need to take measure to reduce the stress among the nursing students. The time management has a greater buffering effect on academic stress than leisure satisfaction activities. There is positive correlation between time management and stress. The improving time management skills reduce the academic stress among nursing students. Time management may be an effective strategy for reducing academic stress in students and minimize the disability due to stress by 2020.


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