• Jithin A.S. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Department, Vidya Academy of Science & Technology, Kilimanoor, India
  • Sreeraj S. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Department, U.K.F Engineering College, Parippally, India
  • Vimal A. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Department, Vidya Academy of Science & Technology, Kilimanoor, India
  • Ajayakumar A.G. Assistant Professor, Mechanical Department, Vidya Academy of Science & Technology, Kilimanoor, India


Al-Mg-Zn alloy, Sacrificial anode, cathodic protection system, effect of Tin, anodic efficiency


The paper is aimed at improving the sacrificial anode characteristics of Al-Mg-Zn alloy for use in marine applications. The researches have shown that using Aluminum alloy Al-Mg-Zn as sacrificial anode can reduce the corrosion rate. This paper deals with study of effect of various compositions and heat treatments on the sacrificial anode efficiency of the alloy. In this work the alloy Al-Mg-Zn is manufactured with varying compositions, and then they are subjected to heat treatment for different time periods. Then these samples are tested and the efficiency is calculated. The results obtained are studied and the most efficient sample is determined.


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