• P. Mangaiyarkarasi PG Scholar, Meenakshi Sundararajan Engineering College, Chennai, India
  • P. Sivagami Priya Research Scholar, Kumararani Meena Muthaiah College of Arts and Science, Chennai, India


Shunt Capacitor, Reactive Power Compensator, Genetic Algorithm, Power Factor, Voltage Profile


In this paper the objective is to minimize the total power loss in the distribution system by determining the optimal position of the capacitor using Genetic Algorithm as an optimization technique. Therefore, on injecting capacitor at its best location, total real power and reactive power losses are minimized to an extent and as a result, power factor along with voltage profile are improved. In this project, proposed algorithm is tested on 24 bus power system, where Genetic Algorithm is used to compute the voltage and angle injecting values for placing shunt mode of capacitor at its best location resulting in minimization of total power losses are presented using ETAP Power Station 4.0 and Mat Lab R2008b. Further, improvement in power factor and voltage profile and also, minimization of total power losses in the distribution system before and after injecting capacitor at its best location are compared.


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