• Cini C. K Research Scholar (Education), University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala


Learning, Participatory Learning, Cooperative Learning, Collaborative Learning, Investigatory Learning


Education is considered as an investment and also helps in human resource development. Teaching and learning are important aspects of formal education. Goals of learning include acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes and ideas. As world is changing at a very rapid pace, the methodology of teaching and learning too has to be changed. Traditionally learning was considered as a transfer of knowledge from teacher to learner. Now we are moving from knowledge economy to wisdom economy, where the processed knowledge is called wisdom. There is a need to change the methodology of imparting the knowledge to the students. Participatory learning strategies provide opportunities for the learner to remain active in the process of learning. There are a variety of participatory learning strategies like cooperative learning, collaborative learning, Investigative learning etc where learners works in small groups. Participatory learning strategies develop sharing power and responsibility as the learners work in small groups. Students show a favourable attitude towards participation in activities inside and outside class room.


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