• Dr. Leena Selvamary Assistant Professor, Departmentof Public Health Dentistry, Tamil Nadu Governement Dental Colege and Hospital, Chennai, India - 600003
  • Dr. M.B. Aswath Narayanan Professor and Head, Departmentof Public Health Dentistry, Tamil Nadu Governement Dental Colege and Hospital, Chennai, India –


Socratic, Socratic questioning, Socratic method, Socratic temperament, pimping


Socratic Method is a method of elenchus where teaching is done by a series of question which instills critical thinking and ultimately achieves illumination on the particular subject of debate. Socrates nurtured his students in a process of discovering truth and giving birth to new realization on their own. The PAPER CLIP method of Questioning by Douglas helps in framing the Socratic questions. Socrates method of educating a learner helps the learner to enlighten himself on particular subjects with clear understanding of concepts.

               In the field of medicine Socratic Method of questioning not only helps teaching the medical learners regarding the facts but also brings out the cause of the disease from the patients during history recording helping in diagnosis. It also has its application in psychotherapy and in the process of counseling the individuals. In research the series of questions helps to test the generated hypothesis. And with surplus of evidences in the network and the current ease of access to technology, Socrates questions helps to choose the right evidence. Socrates method is often confused with simply posing a series of questions similar to pimping. This review highlights the detailed application of Socratic Method in the field of Medicine.


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